Meet The Coach

Salvatore Napoli

MY Coach and Founder of MotivateYourself

Sal was born and raised in a working-class neighborhood in Rockland County, New York. From an infant, he faced adversities such as the fighting and separation of his parents, struggling financially, and the instability of constant moving. As he got older, he suffered more traumatic experiences, such as physical abuse, emotional abuse, bullying, and even sexual abuse, all before he even turned 18 years old.

Like most people, this left Sal broken and lost in the world. That was when he knew he had hit rock bottom. Sitting at home one day, he discovered Tony Robbins’ special on Netflix, which opened his eyes to a brand-new mindset. Sal realized that we could never change our past, but it is always possible to pave our future. From that point, he decided not to let his past dictate his life anymore. He started reading books, Studying different speakers, and taking courses to create a better future for his family and himself.

After Sal discovered that the only thing preventing his growth was his negative mindset and toxic behavior, he made the changes he needed and quickly began seeing results. His first thought was, if only everyone knew how straightforward it was to make changes in your life, we could all be happy. That is when he made it his mission to share the tools and knowledge that he has acquired on his journey and show people that we all have the potential to be better tomorrow than we are today.