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MY Goal Setting

What Is Goal-Setting Coaching?

A goal-setting coach is a coach who will guide you through the process of deciding WHAT it is that you want and help you set a plan of action toward achieving that desired result. This type of coaching is beneficial for someone who might not be sure where to begin and looking for guidance and direction.

MY Habit Developement

What Is Habit Coaching?

A habit-based program focuses on repeating small, short-term daily actions to work towards a long-term goal. This type of coaching can benefit someone looking to discover and replace their unhealthy habits with healthier or more lucrative habits.

MY Mindfulness

What Is Mindfulness Coaching?

Mindfulness coaching can help you explore, develop, and sustain a mindfulness practice. Tools can include breathwork, meditation, gentle mindful movement, compassionate communication, and bringing mindfulness into daily activities. This coaching is helpful for someone looking to take a more spiritual approach to life.

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